The Abridged Instructions of Šuruppag

The following is a simplified version of the Instructions of Šuruppag, condensing entries with similar topics and rewording things to be as simple and straightforward as possible as well as discarding those things which are not relevant for Sumerian reconstructionists. This is a proposed foundation for a moral code for Sumerian reconstructionists.

  • Listen to the advise of those who are wiser than you.
  • Do not cause trouble for your neighbor.
  • Do not put your nose in other people’s business.
  • Do not steal anything.
  • Do not engage in sexual misconduct.
  • Do not speak improperly.
  • Do not take unnecessary risks.
  • Do not overextend yourself.
  • Do not drive away your debtors.
  • Do not be arrogant and avoid those who are arrogant.
  • Do not use violence.
  • Do not rape.
  • Do not make enemies unnecessarily.
  • Do not tell lies.
  • Always stay on the side of Utu.
  • Do not allow intoxication to cause you to behave improperly.
  • Do not trust someone by only their words.
  • Children should always come before expanding one’s property.
  • Speak with kindness and you will cultivate sweet things. Bring litigation and you will make enemies.
  • To sacrifice everything for a carefree lifestyle will leave you utterly lacking.
  • Do not give gifts expecting admiration.
  • Do not waste your time worrying excessively.
  • Concern yourself first with matters of heaven for they are greater than the things of earth.
  • Do not allow yourself to become seized by greed.
  • Do not speak insults.
  • Pray regularly.
  • Be kind to laborers; they are the reason you have nice things.
  • Despite your best efforts, fate can still get you.
  • Do not be negligent, care for your family.
  • Food motivates people.
  • Love builds a family, hatred destroys families.
  • Always remain humble.
  • Do not value things over lives and do not allow things to rule you.

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Trans Lives

Originally posted as a comment.

Content warning: transphobia, murder, suicide, depression

When people talk about trying to pass laws against trans people, I doubt many realize that it is like painting a target our foreheads and saying shoot here. Transphobes murder untold hundreds of trans people each year worldwide and in many states they have what’s called the trans panic defense where they can hide behind being surprised at them being trans and get off scott free. There’s a reason the yearly trans day isn’t trans pride, it’s trans day of rememberence where we morn all of the trans people that died in the last year. Last year it was 26 people in the United States alone, possibly more that went unreported.

Being born trans in an intolerant society is a death sentence. The suicide rate for trans people who have difficulty getting access to transition care and who don’t have strong support networks is around 49%. An even higher number struggle with crippling depression. This isn’t the case when they’re supported and given access to proper healthcare.

When you enable transphobia, this is what you’re enabling. This is what you’re saying you support: needless death.

To you, who’s never had to deal with this kind of pain it seems like a small thing, easy to ignore but try living in a society where you’re hated, where every month there’s a new story on the news about how people are trying to hurt you, take away your rights, deny your healthcare, or otherwise make your life miserable. And see stories of more people like you who were murdered just for existing. Where its dangerous to even try to find escape in comedy because there’s a pretty good chance you’ll get mocked and made the butt of a joke at your expense mocking your pain and mocking the horrible way you’re treated.

Try living life that way every single day and see how you feel.

And there’s not another option either; it’s live like that and at least find some kind of relief from the healthcare options available or die from being unable to deal with the pain anymore.

And yes, gender dysphoria can be physically painful. Though it really shouldn’t have to be for people to find compassion.

What happened to humanity?

When did compassion die?

When did this become ok?

Trans lives used to be held sacred in the temples, decreed by the goddess Inanna herself.

trans-woman trans-man
ordained sacred attendants
of ecstasy and trance

~high priestess Enheduana, circa 23rd century BC

How did we go so wrong?

There has already been 2 trans people murdered this year in America. Let that sink in. This is happening right now in your own back yard as you probably didn’t even hear anything about it until now. (

So next time you see someone try to justify making the lives of trans people even the tiniest bit harder I want you to ask yourself this: How many lives is an acceptable price to pay for the comfort of cis people?

If you hold all human life to be sacred as I do, then I only hope your answer is NONE

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New year, new name, new goals

When the Gnostic Temple of Inanna was originally created, the Temple of Sumer was unknown to those involved and they were engaged in a kind of syncretic Sumerian Wicca. As time has gone on and the practices of the group have evolved and the coven went their separate ways, the need for this project to be a distinct parallel organization has grown less and less. At this point, there is no purpose in continuing to treat the Gnostic Temple of Inanna as a separate organization from the Temple of Sumer, so instead we’ve rebranded and refocused on providing resources for all forms of Sumerian practitioners to practice their path in the modern greater pagan sphere. To these ends, the website has been completely reorganized as well.

The Altar

Alter to Inanna featuring stone chalice filled with wine offering, two spell candles, two votive figures worshiping, a statue of Inanna with a lion on a leash, a bottle of holy water, a tower of precious Lapis Lazuli, a cow-shaped candle as a burnt cow offering, and an alter tile featuring the star of Inanna with a cracker offering on it.