A Hymn to Tiamat

A Hymn to Tiamat

Oh chaotic one

Dweller in the abyss

She who alone is illuminated in the pitch-dark void of liquid shadow

I call to the and sing thy praises

She who is chaos and life

She who is wisdom and power

She who is intensity and immense

Tiamat za-mi!

Most ferocious of the primordial ones

Most jovial of the dark ones

Most chaotic of the wise ones

She whose power is great

I praise thee, Tiamat, she who swims among the stars

She who tends to the aquariums of mind

She who was among the powers at the dawn of time

To you, lady of the abyss, to you!

Tiamat za-mi!

Written Gu 25, 12018 H.E.

Revised: Mashtaba 19, 12018 H.E.

Revised: Sisinnu 11, 12019 H.E.