A Hymn to Inanna

A Hymn to Inanna

Oh wonderful goddess of pain and passion!

Oh lustful goddess who is wisdom manifest and unmanifest!

Oh great star that travels the heavens to herald the changing of the heavens!

Oh great morning and evening star!

She who is love and war.

She who is passion manifest!

She who is the unmanifested manifestation of the threefold self and the threefold all!

She who is the line between light and shadow.

She who changes male into female and female into male!

To the great lady of the morning I say hail!

To the great lady of the evening I say hail!

My heart ever longs for your sweet loving energy.

My soul ever thirsts for your sweet wisdom!

You who are my guide and my lover.

My guardian, my protector.

My sage, my teacher!

You who are my comfort and my foundation!

Sweet Inanna, I call upon you in my ecstasy and my sorrows!

I call upon you in my troubles and in my delights!

You who are the bearer of all things and all doorways and all keys!

Let my heart be a vessel for you that I may be filled with the outpouring of your sweet and bitter passion!

Oh to be as the signing lover!

Oh to be like the weeping widow!

You who fill our lives with the passion for all things!

To you, my goddess, I say hail!

Goddess be praised.