The Seven Who Decree Fate

The Seven Who Decree Fate

In the Sumerian religion, there are often references to the Seven Who Decree fate. They are the seven gods seen as ruling over the fate of the universe.


Ninhursag is the sumerian goddess of earth, motherhood, fertility, nature, birth, midwives and the sacred mountain. She is loving, nurturing and motherly.


Nanna is the Sumerian god of the moon, prophecy and shepherds. He is wise and a teacher of great mysteries.


Inanna is called the queen of heaven and earth. She is the Sumerian goddess of liminality, transgender and queer people, love, beauty, sex, warfare, wisdom, justice and political power.


Utu is the Sumerian god of the sun, justice, mortality, truth and called the great physician


Enki is called lord of the earth and the lord of the abzu. He’s the Sumerian god of wisdom, beer, intelligence, crafts, water, fertility, semen, magic and mischief.


Enlil is called the lord of the wind. He is the Sumerian god of the sky, atmosphere, rain and storms.


An is the Sumerian god of the sky, the constellations, and father of the gods, he is the god who contains the entire universe.

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