A Praise Poem to Nanshe

A Praise Poem to Nanshe

The people’s voices cry out in pain
for all the souls of those who have been slain.
They cry out for justice.
Nanshe heard their prayer
she listens to their voice
and puts a burning anger in their heart.
The anger speaks of truth.
There can be no peace when there is no order.
There can be no order when there is no justice.
There can be no justice when the law is unjust.

By the lady’s word the tide turns
the villains hearts fill with fear.
The injustice is replaced with a mighty uproar.
The people take to the streets
The people become mighty warriors
with hearts like Enlil.
The word is spoken and they are heard.

Behold the mighty word of Nanshe,
Great lady of social justice,
Goddess from the ancient lands.
Behold the tidings of change as we see the foundations crumble.
Behold as the hearts of fear
become the hearts of great warriors,
and the hearts of the oppressor
become the hearts of fear.

Your time is now.
The lady has spoken.
She has heard your prayers,
and the obstacles will fall away one by one
in your path.

The drums clang
voices shout
it is the sound of victory on the horizon.
The end of an era looms
as the shadow of a new one is cast.

Great lady Nanshe,
May your voice be heard
May your justice be swift
May the oppressed be freed from their bondage
May evil return to those
who have done evil
May good come to those
who hear your voice in their hearts
Lady Nanshe, it is sweet to praise you.