Cuneiform Divination

Cuneiform Divination

Modern practice

Sign Romanization: Diĝir

Sign Meaning: god, deity, divine being, sky, star, above

Sign Romanization: Zú

Sign Meaning: wisdom, knowledge, to know, to teach, experienced, qualified

Sign Romanization: Taltal

Sign Meaning: knowledge, experience, wisdom, understanding

Sign Romanization: Arhuš

Sign Meaning: compassion, pity, to be sympathetic, womb,

Sign Romanization: Nè

Sign Meaning: strength, vigor, violence, forces, host

Sign Romanization: La

Sign Meaning: abundance, luxury, wealth, youthful freshness and beauty, bliss, happiness, wish, desire

Sign Romanization: Sud

Sign Meaning: to make remote, far away, lasting, to stretch, to wag, to rejoice, feel delight, to sip, to sprinkle, to strew, to furnish, provide, to immerse, to sink, to drown, distant, remote, long

Sign Romanization: Ára

Sign Meaning: praise, glory, to praise, glorify

Sign Romanization: Uš8

Sign Meaning: foundation place, base

Sign Romanization: Uru2

Sign Meaning: city, town, village, district

Sign Romanization: Gud

Sign Meaning: domestic ox, bull, to dance, to leap

Sign Romanization: É

Sign Meaning: temple, house, household, plot of land

Sign Romanization: Ĝiš

Sign Meaning: animal assigned to the plow

Sign Romanization: Ig

Sign Meaning: door, entrance

Sign Romanization: Ab

Sign Meaning: window, opening, niche, nook

Sign Romanization: Kak

Sign Meaning: peg, nail, spike, bone, hinge, joint, knee

Sign Romanization: Ĝír2

Sign Meaning: lightning flash, knife, dagger, sword, thorn, scorpion, road, expedition, trip, to stab, to fulgurate, lighten, flash

Sign Romanization: Gil

Sign Meaning: to fence off, reed bundle, dancer, crown, to twist, to bend, bow, to cross, to cross plow, to mess up, tangled, opaque, to be corrupted, destroyed

Sign Romanization: Muš

Sign Meaning: snake, reptile, bitter

Sign Romanization: Šu

Sign Meaning: hand, share, portion, bundle, strength, control, to pour

Sign Romanization: Šúm

Sign Meaning: to give, lend

Sign Romanization: Ús

Sign Meaning: to drive, to follow, to come near to, reach, to let reach, to transport, bring, to join, to be next to, border, to moor, dock, to lean against, side, edge, distance

Sign Romanization: A

Sign Meaning: water, watercourse, canal, seminal fluid, offspring, father, tears, flood

Sign Romanization: Ku6

Sign Meaning: fish

Sign Romanization: Ĝidri

Sign Meaning: stick, staff, scepter, stick used to measure the height of a pile of grain

Sign Romanization: Dím

Sign Meaning: the evil eye

Sign Romanization: Ĝíg

Sign Meaning: closed mouth, night, black, dark

Sign Romanization: Tà

Sign Meaning: to start a fire, to fish, to touch, handle, hold, to weave, to decorate, adorn, to strike, hit, push, hunt, catch

Sign Romanization: Gú

Sign Meaning: back of a man’s neck, load, burden, a talent in weight, tribute

Sign Romanization: Saĝ

Sign Meaning: head, point, leader, present, gift, slave, human, individual, first, first-class, prime, in front

Sign Romanization: Su11

Sign Meaning: tooth, teeth, prong, thorn, blade, ivory, flint, chert, obsidian, natural glass

Sign Romanization: Ki

Sign Meaning: earth, place, area, location, ground, grain, where, wherever, whenever, behind

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