Flatpakref Installer

This will add an option in your right click Open With Another Application menu called Flatpakref Installer that you can use to quickly install apps from FlatHub using the flatpakref files it gives you. Simply right click the file in your file browser and select Open With Other Application (or your DE’s equivalent) then select Flatpakref Installer. (You may have to select View All Applications to find it. It will load up a terminal window with the command already entered. Just answer the yes/no questions and you’re done.

First, create a subdirectory in your Pictures folder called “Icons” and save the below icon in that folder as “flatpakrefinstallerlogo.png”. Next, copy this block of text into a new text document and save it as “Flatpakref Installer.desktop” Then place that file in your ~/.local/share/applications folder.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Flatpakref Installer
Comment=Install downloaded flatpakref files
Exec=flatpak install %f

Note: If you try to launch it via the applications drawer, it will not do anything. This is a tool that must be pointed at an actual file to work.