Raven’s Call

Can you hear the Raven’s call
as she calls out in the morning?
Can you hear the Raven’s call?
Mother nature’s scorning.

Can you hear the Raven’s call
as she sings out sullen warnings?
Can you hear the Raven’s call?
Follow not your plans suborning.

Hurried hopeful that you not fall
Can you hear the Raven’s call?
If her warning hear you null,
it is you she will be mourning


If my divine will to help others and promote a kinder, more compassionate, more harmonious world is but a chain which binds then so be it. I would sooner lock myself in a dungeon for all of eternity than willingly increase the suffering of the innocent in the universe if it can be helped, even for a being as seemingly insignificant as an ant. For we are all a part of The All, and we all share in it equally and the suffering of one is but the suffering of the all. And even if it were not such the case, it would change nothing, for by what right do I have to enact my will on another at their expense? No, truly if it was such the case, I would go willingly and gladly knowing that my incarceration decreased the overall suffering of the universe. May everything I do raise the vibrations of the planet, not lower or hinder them.

Twelve Things to Remember in the New Year

Twelve things to remember in the coming year.

1: All are equal in the eyes of the divine.
2: Your mental health is as important as your physical health; take care of yourself.
3: Your worth is not judged by the size of your bank account.
4: Earthly authority is harm as it is always maintained by violence.
5: Helping others is always a worthwhile cause.
6: Failure is an opportunity to learn.
7: Never discount the elderly, but heed the lessons of the young. For ancient knowledge and fresh perspectives are both but halves of the whole that is the path to wisdom.
8: The greatest crimes of humanity are selfishness and apathy. Greed and gluttony are byproducts of selfishness, and cruelty of apathy.
9: Life should be a constant pursuit of improving oneself for the good of all. To do otherwise is to do a disservice to your own ability for growth and to The All which we are all a part of.
10: To struggle is to gain, but to inflict struggle on another is theft.
11: Respect all life or your life deserves none.
12: Do not confuse convictions with facts.