We Don’t Actually Care

Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law.

If you as a nonbeliever tell that to someone representing a Christian organization, they will usually take to love bombing you in the name of Jesus.

When I first showed up to the OTO after the COVID restrictions were lifted, I was told “We actually don’t care.”

On the surface that might seem like the opposite of a good sign, but in reality it’s a massive green flag because a common cult recruiting tactic is love bombing newcomers in an effort to convert them. The OTO did the opposite.

I came back to the OTO because I found it personally gratifying. I appreciated what it offered and the challenges it posed to me to overcome and I welcomed them gladly. Nobody was trying to entice me to do that. Nobody was trying to flatter me into sticking around. I was there because I liked being there and I found what it offered to be valuable and not because anyone made me feel a certain kind of way about any of it.

To me, this is a great litmus test for joining any organization. The more desperate they seem to have you join the more red flags you should be raising.

Love is the law, love under will.