I’m So Tired

Do what thou whilt shall be the whole of the law.

I’m sick and fucking tired of this country always taking the wrong side on things. And I’m sick and fucking tired of all the dishonest reporting about it. Every time there’s a leftist protest the cops come and disrupt it with violence.

Yesterday at the Ohio University there was a protest against the US government funding the Palestinian genocide. The cops started arresting peaceful protestors. They even needlessly strip searched a Muslim woman for no reason and then stole her hijab refusing to give it back. If they didn’t have that badge they’d be facing sexual assault and petty theft charges but for some reason we think it’s ok when that cops do it. It’s disgusting. Then the media called it a protest of the “Israeli-Hamas War”. How dishonest can you be?

Then we have the government passing a ban on TikTok they openly admit is being done to silence it from informing the public on the horrors our tax dollars are funding.

I’m so fucking tired of always having to be scared for my life just because I had the misfortune of being born trans. It’s so bullshit. Every few days there’s another terrifying anti-trans bill trying to take away our rights, our access to healthcare, and our very lives.

And I’m tired of the complacency we see out of the majority of the general population. People should be pissed about this but they don’t give a shit if it doesn’t effect them personally. A bunch of useless fucking narcissistic somnambulists. I’m tired of the false narrative of freedom in this country when I’m denied so many rights they had no business taking away.

I’m so glad I have my polycule though. It’s a warm safe place in all the chaos and turmoil.

And yet the so called country of freedom bans us from getting married and withholds the legal protections that affords monogamous people.

This must be the bad place.

Love is the law, love under will.