Antipsychotics are a modern marvel. The weight they lift can’t be properly expressed in words. If you’ve never experienced disordered thoughts you can’t truly comprehend just what they do for a person. It seems almost miraculous. Throughout human history psychosis was just a tragedy. Now it can be treated. That’s way more a big deal than it is recognized as. It’s a way more important invention than is ever appreciated except by those taking them.

For that matter, psych meds in general mean so much for the people who are on them because they can dramatically change one’s quality of life. Yet the general public will never be truly aware of what that means because it’s kinda a taboo topic given the social stigma. Beyond that also the relevant symptoms that they treat are largely invisible because they just seem normal. To those who have never experienced what it’s like to not do that it’s hard for them to fathom just what it means for a person and their state of mind.