Ontology and Gnosis

Do not point your finger at the gods because you allow yourselves to be decieved by the Archon-cast shadows on the walls of Plato’s cave while they rob you blind of your Divine spark of Sophia which she gave you to make use of, not deny. To claim Gnosis as foolishness whole you cling to the slowly eroding ejaculate-pile of the Empire is irony in the highest. Truly in such times, it is the greatest fool who denies the self. Materialism has no solve for consciousness and never will have because materialism is a false-ontology built of a failed presupposition.

The fact is, all you can truly know exists is yourself, not this illusory material world which seems to stop existing the moment you look away. (And if you would deny this, ask the likes of Michio Kaku)

In truth, any ontology that does not focus first on the self, on that intrinsic spark of inner-knowing, must be a false one since all external input drives from a source that is ultimately unreliable.

So to tell an undying soul which carries the spark of the gods that she is nothing but the chemicals that supposedly make up the matter which may not even exist is absurd. The fact is, all your analysis, all your data, all your tools, all your measurements, all of it which you call science, must ultimately pass through the subjective to be interpreted by the consciousness that the material would suggest isn’t even there reading this very sentence. So any ontology or presupposition which does not first start there is truly the height of foolishness.

After all, it isn’t the material which tells me I am a woman, it is my inner sense of self-gnosis and that has proven to be immovable no matter how much they may try to change my chemical makeup. In fact, they have to change my chemical makeup to match my inner Gnosis or I become ultimately non-functional in this plane. If that isn’t evidence that we are more than mere chemicals then I know not what could.