Trans Ontology

It’s a great tragedy that the overwhelming majority of trans activism comes coupled with an ontology that not only doesn’t match to the realities of the trans experience but also cuts us off from both our own rich history and sets us up as walking targets for backwards thinking without any kind of significant response meanwhile ignoring the powerful and historically significant ontologies of our trans ancestors which would go to not only empower us but completely reverse the tides which are so far solely against us. Trans activism could be the straw that destroys the entire camel of prejudicial monotheisms but instead it’s so caught up in clinging to the ideologically unsound ideally of hyper-materialist ontological metaphysics which not only leave us without an accurate description that maps the trans experience but also leaves us directly vulnerable to assault not only from those who would ally with Yaltabaoth to do harm against us but also those who reject their own soul for the sake of a hyper-mechanical ontology which is a piss-poor map for the complex subtilities of human experience.

We should be actively engaged in transforming the entire landscape of thought by proposing an ontology that more closely maps to the reality of our experiences and with it can be an entire for change not only in the trans experience but the whole of the human condition on a global scale. We’re a movement with amnesia which I can’t help but wonder if it is externally imposed so as to keep us from being a threat to the very foundations of the illusion they have created to maintain control and dominance over humanity.

We’re busy running a defensive game with a defensive playbook with massive holes in it when we have star players on our side and a offensive playbook that’s got the best plays ever invented in it and we’re losing. Why aren’t we smacking this nonsense in the face and calling it at its bluff? We’ve got an ace in the hole and they’ve got nothing but 2’s. We were the high priestesses of the ancient world that created the hanging gardens of Babylon using bronze age technology. It’s time we started to act like it. Especially when you consider the height of their rule created the Christian dark ages and the destruction of the library at Alexandra.